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What is search engine marketing (SEM)?

SEM is a digital marketing strategy used to increase the visibility of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs), which are listings of websites relevant to the user’s search query. SEM is an online advertising service where advertisers bid on keywords that internet users may enter into search engines.

SEM uses various types of paid media, including paid searches, paid display ads, and paid social ads.

SEM is designed to increase a website’s number of visitors, thus increasing its potential for economic gain.

“Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic.”

~ Adam Audette

SEM may target Google search engines (Google Search Marketing) or other search engines, including Bing and Yahoo! SEM methodologies are distinguishable from organic search, which does not involve paid advertising.

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What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

Search engine optimization (SEO) and SEM are terms marketers use to describe traffic gained through search engines by organic or paid means. SEM works hand-in-hand with SEO as both SEM and SEO provide unique value to the online marketing equation.

What is SEM?

SEM is an acronym for Search Engine Marketing. SEM includes all paid search marketing activities intended to generate traffic that the site owner then becomes revenue.

What is SEO?

The term “SEO” stands for “Search Engine Optimization” which is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines through organic or non-paid means.

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Search Engine Marketing

Why is SEM important?

With an increasing number of consumers researching and shopping for products online, SEM has become a crucial online marketing strategy for increasing a company’s reach.

The majority of new visitors to a website find it by performing a query on a search engine. SEM is an efficient way for a company to spend their marketing budget since SEM only charges for impressions that result in visitors to their website (clicks), making SEM an effective strategy to increase brand awareness. Since consumers enter search queries when looking for more specific information on a product or service, SEM makes providing the best results on the first page critical!


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How does search engine marketing work?

Search engine marketing promotes web pages or websites by increasing their visibility in search engines via paid ads. SEM involves paying for specific keywords – the words that users are entering into a search engine, i.e. Google – to be shown in search results. SEM uses pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM) advertising platforms that typically have a cost per click, meaning the advertiser pays for each time an ad is clicked. SEM can be a very effective marketing strategy as SEM advertisers only pay when users click on ads, meaning SEM is a targeted form of advertising.

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How do we approach SEM?

One SEM campaign usually consists of four stages: keyword research, geographic targeting, ad copy creation, and defining a bid price you are willing to pay for each click.

As digital marketing has evolved, so have the tools to drive visitors. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an online advertising strategy where companies pay for ads on major search engine websites with keywords related to their company or product.

SEM only charges when a visitor clicks through from one of these advertisements and visits the advertiser’s website, making it an efficient way to reach new customers without paying for impressions which may not result in any clicks. Clicks vs impressions make SEM an excellent choice for promoting your brand awareness since you can target specific groups of people who will most likely be interested in what you do base on their interests and location!

Keyword research

Before getting started, you must conduct keyword research and choose a group of keywords that are relevant to their website or product.


Select a geographic region where the ad will appear.

Create ads

Create a text-based ad with predefined parameters in the search results.


For each keyword that appears in your ad, determine a bid price you are willing to pay for each click.

Search Engine Marketing Keyword Planning

How can search engine marketing help grow your business?

SEM is a powerful tool for companies to increase their brand awareness and grow their business. Most new visitors to a company’s website find it by performing a search query on Google, Yahoo!, Bing or another major search engine. With the cost per click (CPC) being so low with SEM because all they charge you for are impressions that result in clicks, this strategy is very efficient and effective at growing your business.

If you’re looking into increasing your reach and want help figuring out how best to spend your marketing budget, contact us today! We would be happy to discuss some available options that may work well for your needs.

Why choose us as your SEM partner?

SEM is a great way to promote your brand and grow your business, but SEM advertising requires a lot of knowledge and expertise. We are a Google Partner which means we have extensive SEM experience and knowledge. In addition, as an SEM partner with Google, we help you build SEM strategies that will grow your business and set up and manage your SEM account on a day-to-day basis.

Are you looking for a marketing company that can help grow your business?

You’ve come to the right place: Niche Speak digital marketing agency and Google Partner. We have over 15 years of experience in online advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, web design and development, PPC management, email marketing and more!

Our team has helped hundreds of businesses like yours achieve their goals through innovative strategies.

We know how important it is to find a partner who understands your needs and the needs of your customers, so we take time with every client to learn about their business before we start working together. Understanding your business ensures that we can provide the best service possible and offer the best ROI for your business.

All of our digital marketing services are tailored to your needs. You can depend on us for innovative strategies, effective campaigns and the assurance that you’ve found a partner who understands what it takes to help your business grow.

Contact us today to see how our SEM services can make a difference to your business too!

7 benefits of working with a Google Partner

When you invest in SEM, the most important thing is to work with a digital marketing agency that will provide you with the greatest return on investment. You want to make the most of your investment and create the best campaign possible.

A Google Partner company is an agency that has experience with SEM. Google Partners are trained extensively with SEM campaigns. You’ll be working with a digital marketing agency that understands the ins and outs of SEM marketing because its teams have worked on many SEM campaigns before; they know what works and what doesn’t for SEM marketing, so you’ll be confident in investing in PPC.

The SEM industry is a bit intimidating, so when you find an SEM company that will partner with you and have your back, it’s best to stick with them. It may seem like SEM companies are all the same, but they’re not.

The SEM industry changes rapidly; what worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. SEM companies have to keep up with all the latest SEM information to provide their clients with the best SEM campaigns possible.

When working with a Google Partner, you’re working with an SEM agency that has access to all of this SEM knowledge at their fingertips. They have access to SEM news, SEM research and SEM techniques. SEM companies have a vast knowledge of SEM tools because they have been using them for years. In addition, Google Partners take recertification exams every year to ensure that their SEM skills are up to date and on top of the changes.

These SEM experts at your disposal will keep you in the loop with all SEM information constantly evolving. You’re not going into this alone; a Google Partner agency has your back!

It might seem counterintuitive that SEM companies can save you money, but SEM is a much cheaper alternative to other marketing strategies. Search Engine Marketing saves you money by getting your ads in front of potential customers when they’re looking for your products and services, making SEM an inexpensive way to get new clients!

SEM gives you the most bang for your buck. SEM is currently the best ROI in marketing; you get out what you put in when SEM applies to your business. SEM offers terrific benefits because it allows businesses to connect with potential clients before buying. SEM companies take advantage of this through Optimization campaigns. SEM campaigns help improve a company’s presence, and SEM companies have all the SEM tools they need to do it.

When you choose a Google Partner firm, you can be confident that they will utilize SEM in their own company. They need to constantly practice SEM to develop new and innovative SEM strategies to impress potential clients. In addition, SEM companies have SEM tools that they use daily, which mean they know how the tool works inside out.

SEM companies have the SEM education you need as a business owner; they have been through all those SEM courses and SEM exams to understand how SEM works. Working with a Google Partner SEM company means that your SEM will be up to date, and it means that an SEM company is a good resource when you need help understanding what SEM is or how it works.

Issues may arise while you are running a campaign. Your ad might be attacked by malware, which will prevent your campaign from launching. There could be a variety of problems that cause your campaign to fail. A Google Partner has a specialized team that they can call if a campaign is being affected by malware. It would take days for you to resolve the problem on your own.

A Google Partner can handle your problem quickly, saving your company time and money thanks to their immediate connection to Google.

Google makes sure that Google Partner companies offer excellent service. To continue to be a partner, businesses must adhere to Google’s standards. They must provide exceptional client service continually.

The highest degree of customer service is provided to you when you work with a Google Partner. If you’re going to spend money with a company, the last thing you want is terrible customer service.

Google has various features that it tests before allowing users access to them. These innovations are usually the most recent updates to Google’s Google Ads platform.

You may use these beta features when working with a Google Partner agency. The beta functions may be included in your plan by Google Partners. This gives you an early advantage over the competition.

They have unique access to these features, so non-Google Partners marketing firms will not be able to use them. SEM businesses that are Google Associates can utilize these beta capabilities to benefit their SEM clients.

Google Partners directly interact with Google, making them the best company to trust regarding SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Google Partners use their direct connection with Google to stay up-to-date with the latest algorithm changes, features, and regulations. When you hire a Google Partner, you can guarantee that these experts receive the best SEM training directly from Google; they are up-to-date with all of their SEM knowledge.

Google SEM partners are constantly trained on the latest SEM best practices and how to use them. SEM is an ever-changing field, but Google Partners are always up for the challenge of staying informed about SEM changes.

Since they work directly with Google, all their training comes from Google. As stated previously, Google provides Partners with training sessions to help them improve their Google Ads campaigns.

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